A Climate for Change

It is hard not to get tears in my eyes and hear the famous Toto ‘Africa’ lyrics when I think about the beauty of seeing this male lion proudly standing atop his granite throne, whilst in the distance, the rains fall upon the great migration that freckles the endless plains of the Serengeti.

For days we had in vain scoured the granite kopjes in the central Serengeti, searching for the great cats that often sit atop them. They choose to do this whilst scanning for prey from a high vantage point, and at the same time, to also avoid the squadrons of flies that are more common in the grasslands.

On this particular day we finally spotted this magnificent male sitting in the grass early in the morning. For roughly three hours we sat with him knowing at some stage the flies would either force him to move to higher ground, or he would retire deep into the shade of a nearby tree or bush. It was a 50/50 for sure.

Eventually he got up, stretched and moved. Unfortunately his first move was towards a series of scraggly bushes and small acacias.

I dejectedly watched knowing that there would be no decent photographic opportunity from his new chosen place of slumber. But at the last possible moment, he stopped and as if receiving my thoughts chastising him for his bad decision, he turned around and headed for a beautiful architecturally pleasing dome of granite.

Almost unbelievably he walked right up to the rocks apex and then lay down. For several hours he slept with the ever increasing wind caressing his mane, whilst all around him the sky started to build into a moody canvas fit for a king to hold court.

At almost the perfect time, as the first rain squall kissed the parched and animal studded earth, he stood up, stretched, and gazed over his undulating kingdom.

Caught between gazing in awe and pressing the camera’s trigger, I fortunately chose the one that would allow for endless moments of the other.    

It is at a beautiful and symbolic moment in time like this that I feel so incredibly privileged to call Africa my home and where the pulse of a unique continent beats deep within my heart.

Long may the rains bless the King of the Serengeti.

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