The Fig and Elephant

Mana Pools National Park in Northern Zimbabwe is a magical fusion of wildlife and open forests of acacia, fig and mahogany trees entrancingly manicured to the height of the tallest browsers.

Of the hundreds of fantastic days we have spent searching for uncluttered corridors, out-psyching wily pachyderms and lining up our favourite botanical showpieces, the soft washed-out feel of this gnarly Ficus with a beautiful Mana bull etched into the shadows of its boughs, all balanced within the background of an acacia albida forest, is a beautiful marriage of magical elements.

The work is an embodiment of the essence of my Eleventh Hour Collection in so many ways. Elephants, persecuted for their burden of ivory, face the wrath of poachers’ guns and snares, whilst age-old trees suffer at the bite of the saw. Both feel the heat of climate change.

Seeing this sentient old bull resting under the great limbs of a tree that for decades has provided it with shade, shelter and sustenance, and in turn whose seeds he has spread, bears testimony to the balance and symbiosis of nature.

The work is a juxtaposition of fragility and hope, as despite centuries of persecution, magnificent scenes like this still do exist.

Available Sizes

Exhibition: 173cm x 116 cm (68″ x 45.5″) – AED 69,090 
Large:  146 cm x 98 cm (57.5 ” x 38.5″) – AED 45,654 
Classic: 118cm x 79 cm (46.5″ x 31″) – AED 42,840 

Available Editions
Exhibition: 12
Large: 12
Classic: 12