The Final Act

A shaft of light, a feathered angel, and a dappled stage … the scene once more is set.

With two full strokes of its lunate tail, the super predator launches from one realm into the next.

Like a shattered chandelier, water cascades all around, and for the most fabulous of moments I stare transfixed one last magical time at this greatest of fish, performing as only it can.

The moment is filled with power, wonder and awe, Seal Island is a theatre of nature without compare. It is a place where the most super of predators exhibits the most spectacular behavior ever witnessed in its 60 million year tenure on our Planet.

As the much vaunted hunter vanishes back beneath the rippled stage, I shout elated at the image I have captured, not knowing that my joy will be tarnished by time.

In 1996, along with a friend, I was privileged to discover what for the next two and a half decades became possibly the most famous marine phenomena on the Planet, the breaching Great White Sharks of Seal Island, False Bay, South Africa.

Everyone from shark fanatics to film crews, scientists and the most famous of celebrities, wanted a part of them.

Day after day, year after year, we watched them fly, each wondrous moment indelibly etched on both soul and camera. It was a journey that shaped my life. I learnt so much about the tolerant predator, about myself, and about how much we as a species have yet to grow.

Due to ignorance, greed and apathy, all actions of my own kind, by 2018 the great sharks were no more.

In just 22 years from discovery to disappearance, we had undone what had taken 60 million to perfect.

Today the waters run quiet, the beaches all sterile, the apex of the pyramid flattened, not pointed.

The Final Act is a eulogy to a greatness that a lucky few got to know, understand and love.

It is the final time that the Great White Shark flew from the waters of Seal Island.

Available Sizes

Exhibition: 173cm x 114cm (68” x 45”)
Large: 146 cm x 97 cm (57.5 ” x 38.2″)
Classic: 118cm x 78cm (46.5” x 31”)

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Exhibition: 12
Large: 12
Classic: 12