The Point of No Return

Indisputably one of the great gamefish of the world, the marlins and billfish, share a common trait of being able to light up when excited.

Each species has its own hunting technique and its own beguiling and entrancing light show that bedazzles and confuses its prey.

From a natural history point of view, to be able to observe how the spellbinding sailfish employ their own veil of confusion is simply entrancing.

Rushing in at great speed, the sailfish hoists its showy sail like a flamenco dancer, using it to coral and cajole its confused prey.
First one way.
Then the next, in an ever more deadly dance with its sword-like bill sweeping from side to side with which it will ultimately slash a final coup d grace.

Sometimes coming at full speed towards me, I was left holding my breath in anticipation for an impaling, but I need not have worried as this cultured swordsman measured its turn to within the inch of where I swam, and deftly avoided me at every encounter.

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